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dynamic drop down menu...
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Ok, it seems that I'm not going to get any help here with this, which
is a shame because the group has always been very helpful in the past.

Thanks anyways, I'll post back if I manage to find a solution elswhere
because I know it can be done.

Cheers fellas, Neil.

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Adrienne Boswell
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Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Removed) writing in
news:(E-Mail Removed)

> Hi fellas,
> I need some help with something if you'd be so kind!
> I'm creating a knowledgebase site at my workplace, and I'm kinda
> limited as to resources (in terms of technology) because we are running
> Win2K. I don't have access to a web server for this, so its more or
> less just HTML and JavaScript.
> I'm wanting to do the following:
> There is a drop down menu, which loads up another drop down menu
> (preferably in the same page) depending on the answer.
> Let me demonstrate:
> The user is faced with a question:
> What OS is the customer using?
> * XP
> * Linux
> Now, when the user selects one, another question and drop down appears
> BELOW this, something like:
> Is it:
> * XP Pro
> * XP Home
> etc etc, until the users has answered sufficient questions to be able
> to give them a page detailing how to fix the problem.
> Also, it would be best if the drop downs are stored in different files,
> as there will be some cross references.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> Btw, the drop dowen menu that I mean is just the normal, bog-standard
> HTML drop down menu (like in a form!).
> TIA, Neil

Hi, Neil, I feel for your situation... you might get a little more help
over in comp.lang.javascript

Adrienne Boswell
Please respond to the group so others can share
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