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Table width in percent overflow when no-space content

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A simple page using a simple table with a width=90%. How to do this
table doesn't expand and overflow the page width when the cell content
is a long word without space, but simply stay at 90% of current browser
width ?


The first table overflow while second one not ; both with width=90%.
<table border='1' width='90%' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3'><tr><td>
CecstmeagedauxAlbDELesutquinemetcemesseqnvuedecrun eentréeexementlarevaén
éreediéclencheugblerorgelljqsjjGTukdkfksjghdELesut quinemetcemesseqnentré
eexementlarevaénéreediéclencheugblerorgellLesutqui nemetcemesseqnvuedecru
neentréeexementlarevaénéreediéclencheugblerorgellj qsjjGTukdkfksjghdELesu
tquinemetcemesseqnentréeexembDELesutquinemetcemess eqnvuedecruneentréeexe
<table border='1' width='90%' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3'><tr><td>
Cecstmeageda uxAlbDE Lesutquinemet cemesseqnvuedecrunee
ntréeexementlarevaénér eediéclencheu gbler orgelljqsjjGTukdkfk
sjghdELesutquin emetcemes seqnentrée exementlarevaénére ediéclencheu
gbleror gellLesut quinem et cemesseqnvuede cruneentréeexementl arevaéné
reediéclencheugbleror gelljqsjjGTukdk fksjghdELesutquineme
tcemesseqnentréeex embDELesutquineme tcemesseqnvued ecruneent r
éeexementla re va éné r.
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