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displaying clients machine folder and files
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I have attached a javascript file my name folder.js. what i am doing
in this .js file is i am passing the path of the directory and listing
them in the html table, again if there is any subfolder in that i
create a link and call (folderdisp(path)) this function recurrsively.
But problem is that i am not able to refresh the page, i have lost the
hook of the page also please have a look at this or Guide me
how i can display the client machine folder on a browser and navigate
to its subfolder so that i dont loose te hook of that .aspx page.
Thanks in advance.

function folderdisp(path)

//window.alert("Start :"+ path);

var fso = new ActiveXObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject');

if(fso.FolderExists(path) == true)
document.write ("<html><head>");
document.write ("<br><br><br><br><br>");
document.write ("Files are downloaded to path " +path);
document.write ("<script language=javascript
document.write ("<script language=vbscript
document.write ("</head>");
document.write("<table Border=0 align =left CellPadding=2>" );
document.write("<tr bgcolor= #FFFFCC align =
center><td>"+"FolderName"+"</td>","<td>"+"Ext"+"</td>", "<td>"+"Created
Date"+"</td>", "<td>"+"Size"+"</td></tr>");

var fold = fso.GetFolder(path);

filesArrayString = '';

//Find subfolders
for (subfol = new Enumerator(fold.SubFolders);!subfol.atEnd();
var folname = subfol.item();

var nextfol = path+"/";
//window.alert("nextfol = "+nextfol);
var day,month,year,hrs,min;
DateC = new Date(folname.DateCreated);
day = DateC.getUTCDate();
month = DateC.getUTCMonth()+1;
year = DateC.getUTCFullYear();
hrs = DateC.getUTCHours();
min = DateC.getUTCMinutes();
var DispDate = day + "/" + month + "/" + year+" "+hrs+":"+min;

//window.alert("Here :"+ nextfol);

document.write ("<tr bgcolor= #FFDBCA><td>"+"<A
onClick="+"\""+"folderdisp('"+nextfol+"');"+"\""+" >""</A></td>","<td>Dir</td>","<td>"+DispDate+"</td>","<td>"+folname.Size+"</td></tr>");
window.alert("Folder end");

//Find files
for (files = new Enumerator(fold.files); !files.atEnd();
var thisFile = files.item();
var Fname =".");
var fileDateC = new Date(thisFile.DateLastModified);
var fileday = fileDateC.getUTCDate();
var filemonth = fileDateC.getUTCMonth()+1;
var fileyear = fileDateC.getUTCFullYear();
var filehrs = fileDateC.getUTCHours();
var filemin = fileDateC.getUTCMinutes();

var fileDispDate = fileday + "/" + filemonth + "/" + fileyear +"
"+filehrs+":"+ filemin ;

filepath = path+"/"+Fname[0]+"."+Fname[1];

//document.write ("<tr bgcolor=

//document.write ("<tr bgcolor= #FFCAE4><td><A href='#'
onClick="+"\""+"vbscriptpenArtPDF()"+"\""+">"+Fn ame[0]+"</A></td><td>"+Fname[1]+"</td><td>"+fileDispDate+"</td><td>"+thisFile.Size+"</td></tr>");

document.write ("<tr bgcolor= #FFCAE4><td><A href="+"\""+"#"+"\""+"
onClick="+"\""+"openArtPDF('"+filepath+"');"+"\""+ "

document.write ("</html>");

window.alert("Folder does not exist in local");


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