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Formatting Page for Print

Chris Lieb
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I have a XHTML page that is structured into six regions using divs and
is viewed exclusively on IE6. Two of the regions contain tables that
can become long (close to a page in length). When the first or both
regions start to get long, the second one ends up getting split across
a page break, which is what I am trying to aviod. I tried implementing
a stylesheet for the print media type with the following rule:

div#slicrange, div#servicelevel, div#ziprange, div#comments {
page-break-inside: avoid;
page-break-before: auto;
page-break-after: auto;

Unfortunately, IE doesn't implement support for the page-break-inside
property, which is what I really need. Does anyone know of anyway to
fix this? If there isn't a straight HTML/CSS method, I can also use
Coldfusion or ASP. I considered converting the document to PDF since
its main purpose is to be printed and posted, but I haven't been able
to find any free PDF libraries out there.

Any help is much appreciated.


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