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Re: Please criticize my website.

Alan J. Flavell
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On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, rf wrote:

> Alan J. Flavell wrote
> > Just to note that older browsers/versions do not support name-based
> > virtual hosts (i.e do not send a Host: header with their requests).

> > hope this helps anyone interested in browser archaeology

> It would be of interest if you could detail which versions etc this applies
> to,

It's a fair question, but I don't have a good answer at my fingertips,
I'm afraid. To the best of my recollection, this was being deployed
around 1996-7, for example I think the first versions of Netscape
browser to have it were 2.x.

I do remember that the last version of UdiWWW, 1.2.000, dated April
1996, did not send the Host: header, but did have configuration for a
proxy, so it was one of those intermediate browsers which needed to be
used with a proxy in order to access name-based virtual hosts.

The blooberry site has a chronology of release versions of some
browsers, see ,
though this doesn't seem to make much mention of HTTP functionality

I guess that if one is interested in one of these browsers from around
1996-7, then it'd be necessary to install it and take a look. Sorry.

In Aug 1996, I wrote:
DNS aliases can only only work if the browser sends a Host: header.

Many don't. You best set things up so that isn't required. In 1998
perhaps, things will look different. For now, you must live with
the clients that are out there.

while in November of that year I wrote what you see in the thread
containing this message-id:
<(E-Mail Removed)>

I also respond to a user problem report in Aug 1997 where the
complainant is, I think, still using a Netscape 1.* version:
<(E-Mail Removed)>

These seem to more or less set the date range when this was a hot
topic. (Oops, I see that in 1996 I also made the same blunder that
I've since seen made by others - claiming that name-based virtual
hosts only work in HTTP/1.1. In fact, the Host: header can perfectly
well be sent as an optional extra with HTTP/1.0, and I never heard of
a server that was upset by that).

Best I can do you for an answer just now, sorry.
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Luigi Donatello Asero
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"Toby Inkster" <(E-Mail Removed)> skrev i meddelandet
news:(E-Mail Removed)
> Luigi Donatello Asero wrote:
> > Toby Inkster <(E-Mail Removed)>:
> >
> >> Opera is a 3.5MB download; Firefox is about 5MB; Lynx should come in at
> >> less than 1MB.

> >
> > Thank you. What about the others?

> Go to That is an archive of many different
> browsers (with many different versions of most of them). It tells you the
> file size before you download it.

Thank you for your answer.

Luigi Donatello Asero
(sono italiano ma vivo in Svezia)
(я итальянец но я живу в Швеции )
(我是 意大利人 , 但是 我 住 在 瑞典)
(minä olen Italian kansalainen, mutta minä asun Ruotsissa)

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Alan J. Flavell wrote:a server that was upset by that).
> Best I can do you for an answer just now, sorry.

Thanks. Some good leads.


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