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link won't open in right frame

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nn wrote:

> couldn't sleep so....
>> Compare the two top.html files. The one in the /nl/ and the one in the
>> /uk/ directory.
>> Compare the two links that go to respectively kamer.html and
>> room.html. Spot the difference?

> I guess you meant what Jake also pointed out?
> Indeed that was the problem.

Well, no. I hadn't even seen the base target line (I never use it).
I can see that it was the problem, but even without the base target
line, the Dutch page would have worked properly, but not the English
one. In the link itself, you have target="TEXT" on the Dutch page,
while on the English page you didn't set a target (in the link). Of
course, if you use the base target line, there is no need for the
target attribute in the link itself.

>> While you're comparing: spot the absence of a doctype and a <html> tag
>> at the start of the uk/top.html document.

> Haven't added metatags yet either.

That goes for both pages. I'm saying that you forgot the doctype and
<html> opening tag, on the English top.html page only. In another post
you said you copy paste everything, well, it's a copy paste error then

> Have been working on the layout so that
> my friends could get an idea before they go on holidays.

The layout will work differently between pages with and without a
valid doctype. Okay, true, the doctype you used on the Dutch page is
only half a doctype really (it's missing the DTD), but for
consistency, I'd say use the same doctype across all pages.

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- Renato Russo -
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