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Link TARGET Attribute Enhancement

Travis Newbury
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Justin Wood (Callek) wrote:

> No, but a colleage did, and consulted me on the accessability issues...

You mean for all the blind/def/quadriplegic doctors and nurses?

> The exact principle here eludes me, though I cannot say if my college
> did this or not, but you make it sound like through the web-app the user
> can move around the entire room.

Actually they did move from room to room with it, which is why it was a
web application running on a wireless network. But interface I am
speaking is broken into several small areas (up to 9 to be exact)
Clicking on any of them will bring up a detailed window of that
particular Patient. It is used by nurses as they make their rounds they
can still monitor everyone. Bringing up detailed information on any
patient while maintaining a view on everyone. We are currently working
on a similar web application that allows video monitoring of 9 different
tv channels in small windows. Clicking on any of the windows pops up a
larger more detailed window. (This is for large cable company)

>> Have you created any simulation applications where the application
>> simulates a process based on the computer desktop?

> If you mean, chemistry related, physics, etc. then yes...graphical
> included, But still without pop-ups, and with word descriptions to
> suppliment the graphical need for the interface
> being embedded in the flash, etc.

No, I mean a training simulation that mimics the users desk top.
Microsoft now has a practical exam for their certifications where you
have to physically perform some task. We created a web based training
simulation of the Windows environment. Please tell me how you can
simulate (real time) something like this without using something like
flash or java. ( We used Flash for these simulations.)

>> Have you created any conferencing applications where they want to open
>> a white board while on a live conference?

> Unfortunately No, though I was part of a small team bidding on one. (And
> yes this could have been accessible easily..

Ok, how can you have a web page that has live video on it and a
synchronized slide presentation. Then the person controlling the
conference wants to use a white board. He does not want to loose (or
re-buffer) the video so you can not lose the video window. How you do
suddenly make the whiteboard appear? (it can not be there all the time
as it would take up too much real estate

> Some parts could have
> been harder such as if we needed handwriting recognition.

That is irrelevant to the problem of making the whiteboard appear or
disappear on demand

> Perhaps not where you develop, but hearing your extensive arguments, I
> feel VERY bad for those who contract your work.

Why? Please explain how the functionality of any of the above
application can be achieved without using something that makes the
application and accessibility issue. People seek us out for our
applications and simulations.

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