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Any ideas? active X warning suddenly

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On a logout page of php game, my game on my website, my Internet explorer
active x warning is suddenly coming up - and something is depositing a
little Windows media player thing at the bottom of the page (player 10).

Is the something I did or in the WMP now screwing up - or the active x
control? Any ideas - it interrupts the footer from displaying too.

The logout.php file hasn't changed in a half a year.

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Travis Newbury
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.... D. wrote:
> The logout.php file hasn't changed in a half a year.

What, no URL?


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On 28 Apr 2005 02:57:21 -0700, "Travis Newbury"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>... D. wrote:
>> The logout.php file hasn't changed in a half a year.

>What, no URL?

Thanks for the reply.. Sorry must have forgot the URL

However - I found out what it was. Arnold saying "hasta la vista baby"
when threy log out of the game. I got the line of code I was using here
in this newsgroup because it (arnold talking) was not working for firefox.
Then for some reason it started tripping the I.E. active X warning.. They
must have updated the recognition code..

It was this line:

<object type="audio/mpeg" data="hasta.mp3">

I have changed it to this, and all is fine in the big 3 windows browsers
(IE, Firefox & netscape):

<EMBED SRC="hasta.mp3" width=1 height=1 loop=false autostart=true>

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