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HTML Tables

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> From: "Beauregard T. Shagnasty" <(E-Mail Removed)>

> dorayme wrote:
>>> From: "Beauregard T. Shagnasty" <(E-Mail Removed)>

>>> Sorry, I don't have a Mac. Can you post a screen shot of Mac IE?
>>> Works fine in Win IE.

>> Here are a couple of screen shots
>> and

> Ok, thanks. I see what you mean now. Actually, it's the same in
> Windoze with IE or Moz or Firefox. You've narrowed the browser to
> somewhere around 250px wide. <g> Most all sites will fail that narrow.
> Ben's template does work fairly well at around 500px though, about all
> one can hope for with a 3-column design.
> Here's a grid for measuring windows.

Thank you for grid (I am sure it will come in useful at some stage. At the
moment, I know my screens well and even made gifs of various sizes to remind
me of areas).

Yes, about the narrowing effect... it is an issue that has been preoccupying
me. Possibly it is more important in my imagination than it should be, and
due to the way I actually work, often narrowing windows and being irritated
by any unexpected breakdown. One expects a scroll bar and stability rather
than ugly things happening (here I refer as much to my own attempts at pure
css sites as anyone else's). I don't like it! If the price is not too high,
I will avoid it. I get that stability sometimes by having just one simple
table (2 simple cells, no rows) as a wrapper and very little css code to go
with it. This seems a small price to pay in my opinion. But it is possible
that I am not using the best css code and could ditch the table. Again, I
don't want that the price of the css code to do this (if it were possible)
be too high, long involved, hard to debug, tricky, a pain all round - then
the ugliness transfers itself to the code which would bother me (my code is
probably ugly enough already thank you very much!)


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