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Simple table troubles

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Adrienne wrote:
> Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Henry <(E-Mail Removed)>
> writing in news:422e5e6d$(E-Mail Removed):

> So, you say, put a little duct tape on it and go on your vacation in Death
> Vally. The tape should hold. Or do you say, hey, this is a pretty simple
> hose that needs replacing, here's the hose you need, and this is where you
> stick it. Now you'll have a new hose when you go on vacation in Death
> Valley, and be sure to enjoy the lovely desert flowers.

Wrong example.

I would put it that way. Cut a cheap hose and fix it or get really
expensive one and get a pro to fix it.

You code is great, but for one, who knows how to use it.
If you would supply the whole exact code, that most likely would help.

But with just an idea... no chances.

If he would know how to use it, he would not ask for a help for such
simple task.

Did he fixed it?



We would never know, huh?
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Antony N. Lord
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> Would someone be kind enough to take a look at :

Well there are no shortage of strong opinions here

Yes, the table attempt was very dirty.

Despite Henry's lack of faith I've been able to kludge some basic CSS
and its up on the site (thanks all).

Naturally its a work in progress - at least it now displays correctly on
all the different platforms / browsers I have tried. There's more
tidying up to be done for sure (like all the paragraph spacers) - this
will mean more exploration of CSS.

And the reason for the large 1024 logo - I figured some users out there
would have 1600 or larger screens and the logo should look good at that

Interestingly I tried the sidebar image WITHOUT the white area and the
file size is EXACTLY the same...

I can tell this adventure means I'll be rewriting all sorts of my old
crappy HTML work

Cheers, Antony.

*** When replying via e-mail be sure to correct the spelling error in
my address ***
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Antony N. Lord wrote:

> I can tell this adventure means I'll be rewriting all sorts of my old
> crappy HTML work

Uppssss... underestimated.

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Henry wrote:
> You have wasted your time. He needs an extensive study of html and css
> and I don't think for just one page is worth.

I'm confused by your posts in this thread.

The OP doesn't really know either HTML or CSS. That was fairly obvious.

You post the full code for a table-layout solution and your only comment
on it is "Just copy the code and [it] will work."

Somebody posts the full code for a CSS solution, complete with
explanations, and you say he needs to study it for 6 months before he
can use it.

And you wonder why you're treated like a troll.

Reply email address is a bottomless spam bucket.
Please reply to the group so everyone can share.
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