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vertically split text?

Toby Inkster
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Richard wrote:

> Show me where it is written in any RFC that thou shalt not use
> horizontal scroll bars.

To an extent I agree with you there.

If horizontal scroll bars were so horrible, then all browser makers would
implement something like Opera's "medium screen rendering" feature.

There's nothing wrong with horizontal scroll bars.

However, scrolling from side to side continuously to read a block of text

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Day Brown
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Fat Sam wrote:
> By your argument, magazine publishers shouldn't worry about fitting
> articles successfully into the confines of their magazine pages, as they
> can simply include a few loose leaf pages written in blue crayon....

Agreed. There's a *reason* that magazines and newspapers use narrow
columns; its the same reason that Chinese text has been printed in
vertical rectangular blocks for 1000 years. It has to do with the
muscles of the eye, and the registration errors which occur when
you read long lines of html text scrolling across the screen, and
begin reading the wrong line. shows some of my ongoing efforts to come
up with solutions. No scrollbars.

Part of the problem comes from the office environment html, .pdf,
CSS, et al were designed to serve. Most of the effort went into
how to create eye candy for promotional purposes rather than the
logically consistent presentation of long text. Offices run on
memos, not scholarly work. Load Edw. Gibbon's 'The Decline and
Fall of The Roman Empire' into any GUI based text tool, and watch
it bog down. Yet, everyone since the Founding Fathers found his
work worthy of their attention...

I daresay the failure of modern leaders to find time to take on
Gibbon has much to do with the lack of quality.

Agreed that multimedia has its place. But ANZI is an attempt to
work out a mono-media format so the reader can be immersed in a
lengthy work, like a real book. And like a real book present the
content of facing pages. Classic authors routinely used paragraphs
with 4 times the content of the above. Chinese blocks of text had
a couple hundred symbol words. Maybe this is beyond the attention
span of the modern mind, and maybe feedback will suggest what ANZI
texts should look like.

But the only way I could get text to flow, as it does in a real
book, from the bottom of the left hand page to the top of the
right, was write the assembly code to do it. Any other suggestions
will be welcome.

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