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Use of Back link query

Bernhard Sturm
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Karl Core wrote:
> "Bernhard Sturm" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:41f4aa4e$1_2@
>>Barbara de Zoete wrote:
>>>Duh, that is why target=_blank is opposed to. It breaks history and
>>>confuses visitor.

> Which government are you talking about?

canton of berne, switzerland.

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Barbara de Zoete
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On 24 Jan 2005 05:01:04 -0800, Travis Newbury <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Barbara de Zoete wrote:
>> Duh, that is why target=_blank is opposed to. It breaks history and

> confuses
>> visitor.

> I really want to meet the person that is so confused by a window
> popping up that they shut the computer down in dispair...
> I do not doubt it might happen, but I really want to meet a person like
> this.

Why so extreem? Never seen anyone just first confused and then annoyed with not
being able to just backspace to a previous page? Or looking puzzled at the
screen when they find out that various previous windows are still open
underneath the one s/he closed to shut down the browser application?

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KiwiBrian wrote:
> I have a site where on every page I have a "Back" link using the

> <td class="backbutt"><a

> This works fine when navigating the site. least if JavaScript is enabled. But what's the point? The user
has a perfectly good back button in his/her browser, at least unless
you have done some other silly web tricks to disable it.

> However if I link to that page from elswhere in the site using:-
> <a href="path/foo.html" target="_blank">
> which works as I wish it, namely that the destination page is opened

in a
> new window; then the "Back" link on that new/destination page does

not work.
> Can I have it operate as I wish with the "Back" button still working?

Basically, you're doing an annoying authoring practice that interferes
with normal navigation, then you're complaining that normal navigation
then doesn't work correctly.


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Bernhard Sturm wrote:
> I don't see why this should be different from other sites (looking at

> through FF1.0). All links open in the same window. So how can a user
> notice which link belongs to the service provided by the original

> ( and which doesn't? Not all users check the url

> while surfing...

Those users who care whether a link is in the same site or a different
one can pay more attention to the URLs, as well as to any site design
elements that may be used to give a distinct look and feel to a site as
opposed to other sites. Those users who don't care, don't care, and
hence don't need (or want) any distinctive behavior that changes the
navigation depending on whether the link is or isn't to a different


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