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Newsreaders ... very off topic

Al Jones
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But since I see I'm putting duplicate messages into the system maybe some
help is in order.

I have three news services that I use, 2 free and 1 paid. Not all, for
some reason, get all the messages in the newgroups I inhabit <oddly>.
Since I don't want to be putting duplicate message out I've been looking
at newreaderes.

Opera - my normal browser <and the offending culprit apparently> allows me
to select which newsgroups from which server - and then somehow 'keeps
track' of which messages that I've read on the other serrver. This bugs
me - not because it's not appreciated, but, not knowing 'how it knows'
makes me wonder why it's doing it and if that's part of the reason for the

Thunderbird - looks promising - but everytime I go to help it takes me to
a 404 - not helpful.

NewRover - looks interesting - allows me to set up what it calls 'interest
groups' and then allows me to set up the various servers to feed the
interest group so that all the various messages appear together in the

Agent - I've used it before, but IMO since it seems to be aimed more at
the binaries than text NG I've put it on the back burner.

To make this as short as possible, I want the ablility to:
send out just one post (sheesh!)
see all messages from a NG together - similar to the way Rover does it.
filter incoming messages - so I can not be bothered with the XXX spam.

What are the rest of you all using and pros and cons -

<<troll - god, I hope not!>>
Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:
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