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ANN: Stylus Studio 5 Home Edition XML Editor Now Available

Stylus Studio
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[announce] Fellow Web Developers,

Stylus Studio is pleased to announce Stylus Studio 5 Home Edition, a
new, value-priced version of our award-winning XML IDE. Stylus Studio
5 Home Edition is specifically designed for learning or working with
XML in educational, training, or home settings, and is available now
for only $49 (USD) for a single-user license. The latest addition to
the Stylus Studio family of XML productivity tools offers
substantially more XML development features compared to other low-cost
XML tools, including:
* XSLT Editor - A productive, intuitive environment for developing
XSLT stylesheets, including a visual XSLT mapping tool and a preview
window for examining XML to HTML transformations
* XSLT Debugger - Set breakpoints and step through the evaluation of
any XSLT stylesheet to locate errors
* XML Editor - Full support for intelligent XML editing (Sense:X);
text, tree, and schema XML editing views; full parsing and validation
* XML Schema Editor - Visually develop XML data models using text,
tree, or diagram views

* DTD Editor - Visually develop document type definitions
* XPath Tools - Visually evaluate XPath expressions; full support for
XPath 1.0 and 2.0
* Integrated Java/JSP IDE - Ideal for working with Java and XML

For more information about Stylus Studio 5 Home Edition is available
at the Stylus Studio website at:

You can download a free trial of Stylus Studio 5 Home Edition at:

The Stylus Studio Team
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Stylus Studio <(E-Mail Removed)> said:

> Stylus Studio Removed) (E-Mail Removed)

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sent to your host and/or service provider.

i h e a r v o i c e s

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Beauregard T. Shagnasty
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Quoth the raven Stylus Studio:

> [announce] Fellow Web Developers,

Please learn how to cross-post. Thank you for your attention in this

-This space intentionally left blank.
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