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I know the html tags and am pretty familiar with CSS. What I don't know
really is good layout with a combination of these. I don't really know when
to use tables or when to use just css and I would really like to see
examples of well designed web sites and the html for it. I hate "what you
see is what you get editors".¬*¬*¬*Does¬*anybody¬*know¬*of¬*any¬*books¬*that¬*show
good examples of web page layout?¬*¬*I¬*would¬*also¬*like¬*to¬*see¬*good¬*examples
of using tables for page layouts -- (even though I know the css people say
don't do that, i'd still like to know how.)

I'm also planning to use PHP to construct pages so if anybody knows about
any books that cover Web design with php, that would be great too -- and
I'm refering to more of the presentation part.¬*¬*¬*Thanks
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Posts: n/a
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> Hi,


What is the accepted way to share a message across multiple newsgroups?

b r u c i e

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