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Re: base href > url resolves in DW and not in browser or vv

Mark Parnell
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Laiverd.COM wrote:
> I have maybe stepped on some dreamweaver problem that is too painfull

to be
> solved in that newsgroup , so I thought it might be wise to post

> here, hoping that one of you can show me the way to the light, and

point out
> where I'm going wrong.

Ask brucie - he'll give you a nice list of alternate editors.

> Though I've been creating websites for quite some time now, I have

> used <base href> before. I am now in the situation where I either

have to
> 'invent' some procedure to automatically create absolute paths, or to

> this tag.

Why? Chances are there is an alternative. Tell us what you are really
trying to do, and we may be able to help.

> This is what I have tried:
> Resolves in browser but not in dreamweaver:
> <base href="http://localhost/private/ndi/">
> src="images/general/logo_ndi.gif"
> Browser shows this path:
> http://localhost/private/ndi/images/...l/logo_ndi.gif

Looks like a bug in Dreamweaver to me.

> Resolves in Dreamweaver but not in browser
> <base href=http://localhost/private/ndi>
> src="/images/general/logo_ndi.gif"
> Browser shows this path: http://localhost/images/general/logo_ndi.gif

Again, the browser is correct, Dreamweaver is wrong. According to
RFC1808 (which the HTML spec defers to in this situation), "If the
embedded URL path is preceded by a slash "/", the path is not
relative". If the path isn't relative (i.e., it is absolute), the base
URI is irrelevant.

> If someone could shed a light on this. I looked up some info but did

> find an answer; I feel this somehow is Dreamweaver related, although

I find
> that hard to belive.

Why so hard to believe?

Mark Parnell
"Never drink rum&coke whilst reading usenet" - rf 2004

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. Well actually I don't want to change editor right now
Might indeed be a bug in Dreamweaver however. Anyway I am creating this
site with quite some (about 5) php includes per page that in turn will hold
paths to for instance javascript files and stylesheets. At any time - no
matter how deep the directory structure - obviously I need these paths to be
correct. It's no problem passing the path to root as a php variable, but
that just seems an awkward way of achieving my goal, and that's why I
thought base href might come in handy.


Flash & PHP Emailform
Using textfiles in Flash

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