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CSS questions, 2 column layout

Bart van den Burg
Posts: n/a

I've been out of the run for a too long period, and now I'm trying to make a
simple 2 column layout, and it's a disaster...

the page is, and I've been asked to make the
layout you basically see there, and I have a few questions:

1) In internet explorer, there is a 2 pixel space between the 'menu' en the
'main' layers. What is causing this?

2) How can I take care that the 'menu' layer extends to the bottom if it's
smaller than the 'main' layer, and vice versa?

3) What can I do about the problem Internet Explorer has with this page: ?

I hope you can answer my questions
Thanks in advance


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Bart van den Burg
Posts: n/a
guess I'll have to use tables then

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