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Embedding a Graphic Instead of using <img src="...">

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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>,
Whitecrest <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> > I believe it was never said "don't use JavaScript" without adding "to
> > rely your site on".....

> Your reading way too much into what I wrote, I was speaking in general
> terms, an observation of behaviour in the group if you will.

No offense taken.

> David (and others that offered this solution) takes the stand, "don't
> use javascript".

I concur. I remember them saying all the time "Don't rely on JavaScript
to furfil critical site functionality". Same goes for CSS or any other

> Why? Because 15% of the people browsing will not be
> able to use it for one reason or another.

Which does not need to be a problem.

> And give or take a percent or
> two, they are absolutely right.

They are, assuming you mean what I repeated above.

> I was commenting on how interesting it was that someone with that
> viewpoint would offer a solution that would not work in 90% of the
> browsers out there, but did not offer a similar warning (or repetitive
> links) about how bad it would be and how you would be discriminating
> against millions..

Serving content in .avi format will also not work for millions. Often I
find a link that also serves the same content as .mov and .mpeg, which
helps out a lot.

Sometimes, I add CSS in my print style sheets that only functions
properly in some advanced browsers, like Opera and Mozilla. I realise
that this is serving a marginal group, but also that it is not harming
the others. I think that thought is key.

>. (Again I am speaking in general not of any
> individual.)

It is the approach that has my interest, not the individuals connected
to this thread.

> The OP's problem has been answered. Several have offered a solution
> that will work on a percentage of browsers. Now they have to make a
> choice.

It may not have to be a choice between one or the other. The advice
people have given can help the OP to form a good perspective on what is
possible and make effective combinations.

> The lady or the tiger. (That is a reference to a story about
> choices in case one was wondering.)

I will Google for it, thanks.

<(E-Mail Removed)> (nl)
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David Dorward
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Whitecrest wrote:
> If losing less than 15% because of javascript is a bad idea,

Only if you _depend_ on it.

> how can someone justify using something that doesn't work in 90% of the
> browsers?

I don't, and I don't suggest using it, hence the warning about browser

It was offered as a technology that is technically interesting, if not one
that is all that useful in the context of the www.

David Dorward <>
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