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Re: Forcing table cells to stack vertically

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JustAnotherGuy wrote:

> Steve Pugh wrote:
>> IE, of course, doesn't support alternate stylesheets. So whatever
>> method you use to force the application of the "alternate" stylesheet
>> (either JS or a client side process) can also change your markup at
>> the same time.
>> Steve

> Yeah, thanks But I actually misphrased my question, I don't really
> about the trigger being a stylesheet change. What client side process
> can enable me to do that--select which tags (and the content inside
> them) to remove then dynamically produce a page hence changed from its
> original state? I was looking at XSLT but it doesn't seem to be what I'm
> looking for.

xposting to alt.html to try an NG for which this is more on-topic,
though not sure if I should be doing this or starting a new thread. Oh well.

I'm not sure where exactly would be on topic, but I'm looking for a
pointer (to a specific technology or process) more than anything else.

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