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I'm Back!

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In article <boc3nl$1deiqj$(E-Mail Removed)>, news27 says...
> >> I didn't know you left in the first place.

> > <sigh...>

> He heh
> The only thing worse than being talked about ...
> is not being talked about. - Oscar Wilde

More or less the story of my life...

Whitecrest Entertainment
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Matthias Gutfeldt
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Whitecrest wrote:
> In article <bob37r$1c9fne$(E-Mail Removed)>,
> Removed) says...

>>I wonder if this is what you intended:
>>(the red thing)

> Yep, it's a place holder right now.
> With the national release of the Toys for Tots CD Whitecrest
> Entertainment has morphed from a fantasy site to a real live breathing
> entity. (Real enough that I am now working full time with it.) Because
> of this there will be a major overhaul of the site to include spelling
> etc....

You'll surely issue a press release then: "Whitecrest Entertainment now
with correct spelling!"


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"Richard" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Whitecrest wrote:
> > Well I am back from LA and Las Vegas. After re-recording the national
> > theme song for Toys for Tots (It was originally written and recorded
> > in
> > the Whitecrest Entertainment Recording Studios in Atlanta, but re-
> > recorded in LA by MorBro Music aka Andy Belling.) Then heading to
> > Vegas
> > to watch my son perform stand up at the Stardust Casino. Then we
> > headed
> > north to Area 51 then south to the Grand Canyon and on to Roswell
> > (another alien thing), we have safely returned home.

> > I will have pictures from the trip on the site in a few days if anyone
> > is interested. (By the way my site validates so if you can't see,
> > turn
> > on javascript or don't look, the choice is yours.)

> > Now back the forum...
> > --
> > Whitecrest Entertainment
> >

> Nice site. Just one nitpicker.
> location.href = "";
> Typo?
> I'm gonna steal your code and play around with it. Like the layout and use
> of layers.

Well, at least the truth comes out where you're getting your cut and paste
"advice", St00pid.

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