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CSS broswer variations in appearance

Phil Thompson
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hello all
i have a site i've designed that looks different in IE compared to Netscape,
Mozilla and Opera.

I've used CSS to try to create a page with a header, a footer, and an
inbetween bit for content.
IE display all three, Opera and Mozilla miss out the footer and Netscape
shows the footer at the top.
The fact that it appears badly in Moz and Opera makes me belive I've done
something daft with the CSS that I shouldn't've.

Also I know IE displays the margin/padding wrong and thats why my page needs
doesn't need scrolling across in IE is there a way around this, i.e. to make
a header 100% across with paddding and/or margin and have it appear perfect
in all (read: as many as possible) different browsers?


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In post <blkeq8$7jg$(E-Mail Removed)>
Phil Thompson said...

> i have a site i've designed that looks different in IE compared to Netscape,
> Mozilla and Opera.

fixing the errors and using a doctype to invoke "standards" mode would
be a good first step.

04/October/2003 06:59:55 am
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