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Re: https sites??

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"Anonymous Sender" <Use-Author-Supplied-Address-Header@[127.1]> wrote in
message news:(E-Mail Removed)
> I read somewhere that when you go to one of these sites, the site can
> see exactly who you are and your isp, even if you are using a proxy. Is
> this true?


It simply means the site is probable using secure socket layer (SSL) to
encrypt the traffic between the host and the client. This makes it
impossible for anybody *else* to look at the traffic.

This has nothing to do with looking at your system and determing who you
are, which anybody can do if you have not closed your ports correctly with
an appropriate firewall or proxy server.

PS, don't believe everything you read.


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Mark Parnell
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My Liege wrote:
<snip inappropriate meaningless drivel>

I've had enough of this troll.



Mark Parnell

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Steve Pugh
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My Liege <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>"rf" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
>news:qKkWa.4150$(E-Mail Removed):
>Editting pleasantness in place of patronizing attitude to make usenet a
>more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Aw shucks and I thought ML was my own personal secretary. Seems that
he's been tarting his services around the whole group. Shame.


"My theories appal you, my heresies outrage you,
I never answer letters and you don't like my tie." - The Doctor

Steve Pugh <(E-Mail Removed)> <>
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