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Re: Finally! Clarity.

William Tasso
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Kirk W. Fraser wrote:

A: top posting (if this is supposed to be the answer)

> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>,
> Removed)a (The Fat Man®²°°³) says...
>> Please place follow-up material below (not above) quoted material, as
>> explained in Q7 of "Quoting Style in Newsgroup Postings"
>> <> (published by the
>> news.newusers.questions Moderation Board), unless a thread is
>> already using top posting. (Mixing posting styles in a given thread
>> is confusing.)

> From the fine web site ate
> "Reading through hundreds of messages goes by much faster when I can
> see at a glance what's being said without having to constantly scroll
> through the entire message.

If you prefer reading upside-down (for whatever reason) then get yourself a
news-reader that rearranges the post(s) for you - or write one.

I suspect you are refering to the threading facility which allows one post
to be connected to another - you should be aware that not all news-readers
work the same.

> I don't get all huffy and insult the
> person.

good for you - emotional outbursts are usually way o/t in technical news

> I move on to the next message and continue with my reading.

like here?

> Why is it so difficult for others to do the same?"

'difficult' as you've used it is emotional so I'll ignore it. English
speaking people read from left to right and from top to bottom. It's how
documents have been structured for centuries.

and finally - then this is the question:

Q: What's the dumbest thing on usenet?

William Tasso -

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