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Re: GoLive, DreamWeaver or something else for OSXing newbie?

whipping boy
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"Delia Day" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> In article <1frvmx0.1n74f8vvn6302N%(E-Mail Removed)>,
> Removed) (Carlo Coggi) wrote:
> > I'm looking to code a website, preferably using CSS, for my family's
> > domain.
> >
> > I am not a master at html (and don't want to have to become one), and I
> > presently know little about CSS, other than familiarity with the speed,
> > elegance and flexibility of stylesheets. If it weren't for that loading
> > speed and ease of reconfiguration I'd just use Softpress's Freeway app.
> >
> > I do not want to endure a long learning period for using an HTML app.
> > Price is not a big issue.
> >
> > Is Dreamweaver easy to use/learn? I read that it generates CSS sites
> > with a fairly WYSIWYG user interface. Is that true?
> >
> > I also read that GoLive is said to have less of a learning curve than
> > DreamWeaver, but it doesn't generate CSS.
> >
> > Can anyone recommend or compare these apps, or recommend something else
> > that lets me create sites without getting into the bowels of coding
> > (e.g. BBedit)?
> >

> I like the bowels of coding. BBEdit is my friend. I use it to do a 12K
> page site and lots of smaller ones. It really is simpler, at least for
> me, than any of those bloody WYSIWIG things.
> The learning curve of BBEdit and HTML/CSS is less together than that of
> most of those so called easier WYSIWIGs.
> BBEdit Lite is free, and I sure wouldn't go spending money just to make
> yourself a simple personal home page.
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