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page broken in IE5

David Graham
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My page is OK in all browsers except IE5 win2000 and IE5.2 Mac

I have a publically available page from browsercam showing the problem at

Basically, the content which is contained within a div called
'contentcontainer' is not positioned correctly, its tight against the left
side of the screen. The page is valid html and valid css (except for the
proprietary ms rules for styling the scrollbars). There must be some reason
why these browsers ignor the relative positioning that I have assigned to

#contentcontainer { position: relative; left: 200px; top: 1em; and so

the actual page in question is at:

and the css file is:

I would be more than grateful if someone could spot what the error is.

BTW - the mac also doesn't render my background image called merge.gif,
which consists of an orange stripe on the left and a cream coloured textured
bit over the rest of the screen.


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In post <mt6Sa.107$(E-Mail Removed)>
David Graham said...

> My page is OK in all browsers except IE5 win2000 and IE5.2 Mac

supply a link to a plain text version of the site (just remove the
CSS) so people with ancient browsers can still use it.

brucie a. blackford. 20/July/2003 06:48:32 am kilo.
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