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Re: text size control css

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In message <jxPRa.78505$(E-Mail Removed) >,
"(E-Mail Removed)" <(E-Mail Removed)> writes
>I've been reading up, and I am it possible to make your text
>size, one size and only one size regardless of the users settings?

Only by using a graphic in place of the text.

>been doing a CSS layout, however for one of my naivagation areas, I used a
>table layout inside of a <div> . If the user sets his/her text to be
>"largest" IE, or a larger percentage, Mozilla, it breaks up my table, and
>the image that I have created to be the navigation. Is this a common
>problem, and are there any work arounds?

..... frowned upon by anyone concerned with accessibility issues. Many
people need to magnify the text in order to read it.

Looks like a re-design job.


ps. You might want to consider changing the 'ALT=' on a lot of your
graphics from 'Goforth Designs' to ""
>greg g.

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