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Re: text size control css

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"(E-Mail Removed)" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:jxPRa.78505$(E-Mail Removed) et...
> I've been reading up, and I am it possible to make your

> size, one size and only one size regardless of the users settings?

No. Absolutely not. Your viewer has the final say about how big her text is.

You can try to control this but then you can be deemed to be intentionally
discriminating against visually challenged people.

> I've
> been doing a CSS layout, however for one of my naivagation areas, I used a
> table layout inside of a <div> . If the user sets his/her text to be
> "largest" IE, or a larger percentage, Mozilla, it breaks up my table,

Then your design is at fault.

> and
> the image that I have created to be the navigation.

As often happens when tables are used for layout.

> Is this a common
> problem, and are there any work arounds?

Yes this is a common problem with those who design to desktop publishing
guidelines rather than for the web.

There are many workarounds. The precice one needed for you depends on you
providing us with a URL to look at.


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      07-19-2003 Removed) wrote:
> I guess it's just a flawed design. I was going for something a little
> curvier instead of always being so boxy

But that is presentation, and unconnected to the markup you use -- or
should use.

> It's my first design using only CSS, with the exception of the one table for
> the nav. The nav in question is on the left hand side underneath the logo.

Looks like a list to me.

<ul class="nav">
<li>graphics</li> <!-- etc. -->

Using css, position it left, provide a margin for the content so it
doesn't overlap; provide margins for the nav items as you want. The
ribbon graphic that surrounds it is a background for the table, right?
So use css and make it the background of the <body> tag, positioned,
no repeat, scroll. This fixes the markup problem. This does not
solve the problem of the nav links spilling over the graphic. I'm
stumped as to how to solve that. I'll think about it and repost if I
come up with something.

follow the directions in my address to email me

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