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Re: style.css font size question

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"Steve Pugh" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> "William Tasso" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> >Steve Pugh wrote:
> >> "William Tasso" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> >>>
> >>> 1px is 1 pixel = 1/72 inches 72 pixels to the inch. It's a
> >>> printing term
> >>
> >> No. That's points.
> >> 1 pixel, according to the CSS spec a pixel is the length created on
> >> the display by a viewing angle of about 0.0227 degrees. Yeah right.
> >> Browsers treat pixel units as equivalent to screen pixels.

> >
> >The above rough working knowledge has been sufficient to get me along,

> >clarification is always good - thanks for the info.

> Want any more info? Here it comes....
> When the Mac was first released it was an important point (sorry) that
> 1 point = 1 pixel. This was ideal for the DTP age afterall. Hence the
> Mac had a virtual resolution of 72dpi (i.e. 72 pixels in screen = 1
> inch when printed out, not 72 pixels per screen inch).
> Windows uses 96dpi instead with the normal small fonts. Or 120 dpi
> with large fonts.
> Older Mac browsers followed the 72 dpi rule - so in versions up to and
> including NN4.x and IE4.5 1pt = 1px.
> Windows browsers and new Mac browsers (IE5 and Gecko based ones)
> use 96dpi by default. So 1pt = 4/3 px.
> On some operating systems the dpi is under user control (and in some
> browsers - the dpi setting in Mozilla seems to only work in linux
> though).
> Most of these browsers have their factory default font size set to
> 12pt. So in the older Mac browsers the factory default font comes out
> as 12px tall whilst in Windows and newer Mac browsers it comes out as
> 16px tall. (Mozilla sets it to 16px directly, finally breaking away
> from the DTP paradigm.)
> Safari is an exception. It's factory default font setting comes out as
> 14px tall. I don't know whether this is because it uses a different
> dpi setting (84dpi?) or a different default font size.
> And on top of all that the user can of course change the default font
> size; and in some case set a minimum size as well (Opera is annoying
> in that the default size is set in pt but the minimum size is set in
> px). Oh, and then there are user stylesheets.
> And people actually wonder why leaving the font size well alone is
> anything other than the best thing to do?
> Steve
> --
> "My theories appal you, my heresies outrage you,
> I never answer letters and you don't like my tie." - The Doctor
> Steve Pugh <(E-Mail Removed)> <>

Excellent post Steve.
This ones going in my save file!.

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