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Re: crtics and testers wanted

Hywel Jenkins
Posts: n/a
In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, anom@anom says...
> Let me know which browsers it won't work in.
> Javascript menu so make sure it's on first.
> When you first load it the entire listing appears in the far right table,
> then when loaded only the first item appears.
> The beauty of this one is, I've got 150 images ranging from 3 to 10kb in
> size and the entire document when loaded is now only 18kb or so.


> Any ideas for a background appreciated.

Plain white.

> I also notice a few typos and those will get corrected.
> There will be more added in the future.

It's bloody awful. Forget about the way you load the images which is
also terrible, the site is just plain dull.

Of course "local loading is no problem" - the data only has to travel a
few millimetres.

Hywel Never knowingly understood
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