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Re: no longer fully supporting 4.x browsers..

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David Segall wrote:

> "rf" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> A site that can not be listened to can be deemed to be illegal.
>>Removing the focus rectangle from links and so making them unusable to
>>somebody who cannot use a mouse can be deemed to be illegal. It is not I
>>who says this, it is the people who make our laws, the government.

> Don't believe this er, exaggeration, from my fellow Australian. It is
> illegal to deliberately discriminate against the handicapped but that
> does not mean that we are required to sell books that,

A website isn't a book.

> magically, enable the blind to read or Music CD's

A music CD isn't a website

> You would not be breaking the law if you failed to implement the
> Windows "standard" of not requiring a mouse.

Removing focus on a link makes it difficult for people with motor-skills
related disabilities from clicking a link. Could you provide a reference to
a piece of Australian legislation that confirms your belief or opinion?

> You would certainly not
> be breaking the law if your web site did not support Lynx.

Lynx is used as a canonical example of accessibility testing. If a website
works in Lynx, there's going to be a good chance the website is accessible.
So conversely, if a website doesn't work in Lynx there's a good chance it
is not accessible - inaccessible websites are in breach of Australian
legislation, as you have already pointed out.

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