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Re: "Soft" hyphens

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<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Is there a way to have "soft" hyphens or "soft" spaces in lines of text,

lines which may
> have to break, depending on the width available? (By "soft" I mean a

space or hyphen
> which disappears when not needed.)

You can't do this. You simply shouldn't put hyphenation in the HTML
anyway. Let the browser handle it. Sadly most can't. And most are too stupid
to split and wrap segments like
informative/encouraging/discouraging/travelling/whatever when it nears the
end of a line. The best you can do is just put a single space after each /
and that will allow it to wrap sensibly on current browsers.

> I suppose what I'm after is better control of the display.

The sad thing about web building is that you can only make "suggestions" as
to how it should look. Anything more just makes a site that is awkward and
unintuitive. If you want full control... there's always Adobe Acrobat and
the like.

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