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any way to shrink down jpg pic with html

Anthony Buckland
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PeterMcC wrote:

> ...
>I read a report in the paper at the weekend about a centenarian WWI veteran
>taking a tour through a virtual reality Somme. The technicians mentioned to
>him that he was the oldest user of a VR headset that they'd met and that
>he'd adapted to it remarkably well - and asked him why he felt that he had
>been able to accommodate the new technology so easily. He replied "Whisky
>and cigarettes". I'm pinning my hopes on his being right.
> ...

So had he given up on wild, wild women, or was that aspect of his
life just not correlated with his technical adaptability? Makes me
feel like a newborn babe at a mere sixty-nine. 'Scuse me, I
have to go recheck my retirement planning to see if I have enough
to last to my second '37.

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