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Secondary IP address on PIX ethernet interface
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Hi All,

I have tried to assign secondary IP address on Cisco ASA's box
interface, and find out that this facility is not supported. After
trying to find a trick to go around this limitation, I found out that
this could be achieved by employing trick that depends on Proxy-ARP
facility the following way:

1. Define a static ARP table entry with the secondary IP address, which
you want to assign to the interface, with MAC address of the Ethernet

2. Enable proxy ARP for this entry on the ASA box.

3. Add routing entry, on the ASA, to the subnet of the secondary IP
address, making the Ethernet interface acting as a gateway for this
subnet (you may try remove this step, it might work without it).

Now, you can use this new secondary IP address as a gateway for
workstation with IP from the new subnet to go through the ASA box.

- you might be able to achieve this approach by implementing the static
ARP entry, with same values, on the workstation that requires using the
secondary IP address for ASA's Ethernet; leaving the ASA with the
mentioned routing table entry only.
- I think that this trick will work on PIX firewall also.



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Mark Williams
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Couldn't you also accomplish the same thing by using 802.1Q
encapsulation on the Etnernet interface, and creating two

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Actually, what had driven me to do this thing is that I did not have a
VLAN capable switch then I had to accomplish the configurations and
start testing the related software. I used this trick as temporary

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