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Weird about signed applets ...

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Hi there,

I have a very weird behavior of a signed applet :

1) I have made an applet that accesses the local file systems
2) I put all that code into a specific method (say blah())
3) I have designed a very poor interface using AWT to test it, the
interface just calling the blah() method
4) I have signed that stuff
5) I have tested it : everything is OK !

6) I changed my HTML page such as the method blah() is called directly
thru' Javascript then I got the marvellous :
access denied ( D:\XXXXXX\YYYYYY.ZZZ read)

I am using JDK 1.5_05

Any clue will help ... I really do not want to design an AWT or SWING
interface to that stuff, my applet is purelly a technical stuff ...

Thanx by advance

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Jeroen V.
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This is for security reasons: the origin of the JavaScript can't be
verified. So allowing applet methods to be called from within Javascript
can be abused by malicious javascript.

If a user confirms the safeness of a signed applet by accepting its
certificate, the user only indicates his trust in the developer of the
applet, not in anything that may use the applet (except for himself,
when interacting with the applet via its GUI).


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