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Problem with JConsole

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i am running a jar using
java -jar start.jar

i then run Jconsole and it doesnt recognize this process. I also tried
to run jconsole with the pid and this is the error i got

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Exception: Could not open
at sun.misc.Perf.attach(Native Method)
at sun.misc.Perf.attachImpl(
at sun.misc.Perf.attach(
at )

Could anyone help me with this and let me know what i can do run
jconsole properly.


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I've got the same problem on running the JMX example software under
Windows XP. What o/s are you using?

I ran the sample application with the required -D option.

Running jconsole with no parameters does not then list any JMX Agents
that it connect to, which I expected it should do.

Using jps from the command lists the relevant process id.

Running jconsole with the pid gives the Exception and stack trace you
have listed.

Documentation indicates that JMX will not work if the Windows disk is
formatted as a FAT32 volume, but mine is NTFS.

Tried stopping the firewall and that appears to make no difference, so
it does not look like a network port issue.

Any further information available?

John Rutter

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Rut the Nut
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Following on from earlier comments, I've just tried the same software
on another machine and got better results.

Once the main Java process is started, and goes into wait state, using
the 'jps' command to list current Java processes lists the process id
and also the main class name being executed.

Using jconsole with the pid on this machine works fine.

On the machine where jconsole cannot connect, the output indicates the
process id(s) but, except for jps itself, the output indicates
-- process information unavailable

Presumably this is the same problem seen by jconsole.

No help as to why I am getting that at present, but potentially closer
to finding a solution.


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Rut the Nut
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See also

Which describes a bug where jps and jconsole will not work correctly if
run from an account that has an underscore in the username.

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Rut the Nut
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The standalone machine on which the JMX software ran successfully had
local security, not part of a Windoze domain, whereas the original
machine (a laptop) was part of a Windoze security domain but not
directly connected to that network at the time.

With the machine physically on the domain network, the software runs

So it looks as though there are security issues whereby cached
credentials do not apply

That's probably all I'm going to do as far as investigating the
problem, but it will be a real nuisance if I am unable to run the
software on a disconnected laptop for demo purposes.

Perhaps it would work if I logged-in to the machine using local admin
credentials rather than my off-line user account...


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