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IsPostBack not true when clicking hyperlink column in a programmatically created datagrid

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Hi All

For reasons unknown to me, the Page.IsPostBack is always false when I
click a link in a hyperlink column of a datagrid which is created

My code in a page called list.aspx:

sub creategrid()
dim Mydatagrid as datagrid = New DataGrid
Mydatagrid.ID = "mydatagrid"
Mydatagrid.PageSize = "5"
Mydatagrid.DataKeyField = "ID"
Mydatagrid.AutoGenerateColumns = False

etc, etc, and then:

Dim myboundcolumn As BoundColumn
myboundcolumn = New BoundColumn
myboundcolumn.DataField = "Name"
myboundcolumn.HeaderText = "Name"
myboundcolumn.ItemStyle.Width = Unit.Pixel(40)

Dim myhyperlinkcolumn As HyperLinkColumn
myhyperlinkcolumn = New HyperLinkColumn
myhyperlinkcolumn.HeaderText = "View"
myhyperlinkcolumn.DataNavigateUrlField = "ID"
myhyperlinkcolumn.DataNavigateUrlFormatString =
myhyperlinkcolumn.Text = "View details"
plhnews.Controls.Add(Mydatagrid) ' I add it to a placeholder control
on the page.

End sub

What do have to add to this code in order to ensure that IsPostback =
true when a link in the hyperlinkcolumn is clicked?



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