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ram model

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I have a text file that contains about 50,000 hex words (each 8 bits).
now i have to read these words into a code and do some process.
textio is not supported in i have to send these words to a ram
on the target borad.(am i right?) how do i do this ...sending words
from a text file to a ram..
i read this on the group about ram model..can some one sujjest the
process to do the same. some good links for this


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Michelangelo Masini
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> textio is not supported in vhdl..

Textio is supported in VHDL:

use std.textio.all;
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If you only need to initialize the ram (in simulation), then you can
write a function that uses text-io to compute the initial contents,
then returns the array data. Then call that function when you
declare/initialize the array:

signal ram : my_array := init_array(file);


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