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is there a way to customize jaxb IDREF?

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by default jaxb specs say that have idref as object properties.

is there a way to have jaxb generate the class with the actuall type?

is don't think there is.. even though the spec say you can use basetype
and java type tags in the customize process, you need to specify print
and parse and method, once you do that, jaxb uses them directly in
generated class, meaning my method should accept xml string and convert
to an object, and vice versa

this is bad becouse not only does this completly throws out why i
needed jaxb in the first place but becouse jaxb uses a method called
context.getObjectFromId, which acually pulls out the object according
the id attribute from the internal id table (which clearly i do not
have or want access to)

is there a way to solve this?

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