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Servlet Form-based Authentication From a Client Application

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I have a java web-application on which i have applied container managed
form-based authentication, now there is an integration requirement for
which i have to integrate my application with another web-application
that is developed in Asp.Net the integration is such that both the
web-application(the .net and java) would have common users and the
application-users will only log-on to the .net application, in that
application there will be a link which will re-direct the user to the
java-based web-application
what i require to do is to handle the servlet-authentication issues
from the .net application servers this is the strategy that i have
when the user will click on a link (or button or any other http input
control) which is supposed to render content from the java - web
application there will be a server post-back on the IIS based .net
application it will call a HttpWebRequest [POST-Method] to the
java-based web-application on the following URL
[http://<my-server>/<my-java-web application/j_security_check] with
Post Data
j_username=<user-name>&j_password=<password> now in response to this
method i assume the java-web-server would on authenticating the user
would return a j_sessionid to the .net web-server and then the .net
web-server would redirect the client with appending the j_sessionid as
a querystring parameter
What i want to ask are the following things

1) Is my strategy sensible ???? or is there a better more simpler way
to do that
2) I dont know what type of response i will get from the java-server on
j_security_check request i will be really obliged if someone can tell
me more about it
3) Presently when i make my webrequest i get a very bizare error from

HTTP Status 408 - The time allowed for the login process has been
exceeded. If you wish to continue you must either click back twice and
re-click the link you requested or close and re-open your browser

this is what i am doing
and setting the request data as

can any body tell me why this error comes

Thanks and Regards to all

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