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Complex structure in JSTL

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Hello everyone,

I have a difficult question about JSTL.

I have following strutures in my WebApp but I don't know how to
reterieve data from it using JSTL.

So first, I have a container class for data. Code snippet is below.
It contains different objects stored by key value.

public class UserResponse extends Hashtable
public UserResponse(){

// Getter
public Object getResponse(String key) {
return get(key);
// Setter
public void setResponse(String key, Object value) {
put(key, value);

Then I have a ordinary SessionBean like this
public class SessionInfoBean implements
private String SessionID;
private String RowRecord;
private String RowNumber;
and I read them from database and store them into an ArrayList.
like this way

ArrayList SessionsList = new ArrayList();
while (
SessionInfoBean sessionInfoBean = new SessionInfoBean();
sessionInfoBean.setSessionID(rs.getString("session id"));
sessionInfoBean.setRowNumber(Long.toString(rs.getL ong("row_number")));
sessionInfoBean.setRowRecord(rs.getString("rowreco rd"));

Then I store the ArrayList of SessionInfoBean intems into UserResponse
object that is descripted in the beginning this message. Code look like

userResponse.setResponse(Constants.DATA_BY_ID, (Object) SessionsList);

The question is: Can I iterate all properties that are in ArrayList stored
into SessionInfoBean items using JSTL?

Is this too complex or can it be resolved?


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It is very easy to iterate though a collection in JSTL. This link has
all the details you need.

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Thanks, this document seems to very clear.

<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
> It is very easy to iterate though a collection in JSTL. This link has
> all the details you need.

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