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jgoodies DefaultFormBuilder adding a custom component
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I have been successfully using jgoodies DefaultFormBuilder to
dynamically build my forms with TextFields, FormattedFields, DateFields

Now I want to build a custom control which consists of a JTextField and
an elipse button
[ ] [...]
So the user can initiate a search from the button.

So I create the 2 components, placed them on a JPanel and fixed the
size 130,23 of the JPanel.

However when I create the component it is resized to a height of 1 for
some unknown reason.

DefaultFormBuilder builder = LayoutUtility.getDefaultBuilder(2);
builder.append(label, getCustomControl());

CustomControl extends JPanel, and adds controls and sets size (and min
size) in the constructor.

Event calling on the panel to set size after it was added to the form
has no effect.

Anyone familiar with this perchance?



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