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Robert Klemme
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Eric Sosman wrote:
> Robert Klemme wrote On 01/25/06 03:29,:
>> zero wrote:
>>> "Minor Method" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
>>> news:(E-Mail Removed)
>>>> Hi, I have to write a program for school and I'm stuck. Given that
>>>> the deadline is fast approaching
>>>> I am ashamed to be offering 30 to whoever can finish my program.
>>>> contact me off list
>>>> MM
>>> Post your problem here, along with the code you have and why it's
>>> giving you problems. You're likely to get a solution, plus you'll
>>> get to keep your money as well as actually learn something, since
>>> people here will point you in the right direction but not do your
>>> work for you.

>> I don't subscribe to this. I'll definitely refuse to do someone
>> else's work - especially if the intention is to help him learn
>> something.

> Well, you could take his 30 in exchange for a
> buggy program (after all, that's what most software
> vendors do). That'd help him learn something ...

*g* Go ahead, the money is yours - at least it was your idea.


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