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using XPATH on XSD schema to get valid XML tags

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Hi - I'm writing an eclipse editor plug in for a proprietary parsing
language. The parsing language takes XML as an input and converts it
into legacy host format. I'm trying to figure out how to use xml
schema/validator and or XPATH to get field autocompletion for the
eclipse editor plugin.

The parse language references fields in a vaguely XPATH manner, it
looks like:


A typical XML input for this would be:


- and the output would be "myData". There is an XSD file defining the
XML structure.

Anyway - getting to my query...

I would like to get the plugin to prompt the user for valid XML tags.
e.g. They type in "toplevel." and eclipse prompts "secondlevel" in the
same way it prompts for java method name autocompletion.

So, given an XSD file and an XPATH of "toplevel", can any one suggest
some ideas for how I can get the list of what other valid paths there
are ?


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Posts: n/a
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