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Question about Servlet's RequestDispatcher forward / file paths

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I've written a servlet that takes an XML request and responds with a
forward to a JSP.
This will essentially produce an HTML output for the response.
My question is how I can preserve the context file paths for the HTML
(as all the images referenced from the HTML appear as broken).

// After processing the XML request, program forwards to a JSP as
RequestDispatcher rd =
rd.forward(request, response);

The above action will generate an HTML output (generated by the JSP) as
the response.
The HTML output is correct when I output to a browser window. Only
problem is the paths in the HTML do not have any reference to the
"http://host name" and the images all appear as broken..

e.g. currently showing as <img src="/appName/images/welcome.gif">

How do I preserve the correct context paths?


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You are giving an absolute path by appending a "/" in front. If you
want an absolute path see getConetxtPath() method or HttpRequest
object. If both the request and response are in same context ypu can
use relative path instead.

Any way for a side note, the .do extension is a convension of Struts
and there you do not use RequestDispatcher generally with Struts.


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