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Extending SecurityManager

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Hi !

-- I'm investigating the java security features for possible use in an
application I am writing.

-- One area that I have been experimenting with is extending the
SecurityManager class and overriding the checkPermission(Permission
perm) method.

-- When I do this and call

System.setSecurityManager(new MySecurityManager()),

java returns an AccessControlException for the

-- I've expected a lack in my java.policy (I'm a novice, I try...) so
I've add the line


but without effect.

-- I success in accessing the os.arch property, which is by default
defined in the java.policy file, but remove the line has no effect
(that still works).

-- Could anyone help me to override the defaut SystemManager and
understand the interaction that imply with the java.policy file.

Thanks a lot.


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Read this:

or if you like,

Especially the part under "throws SecurityException"


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Thanks Abigale. Major part works now.

It remains one stuff. The KeyStore JKS became unknown.In others words,

KeyStore.getInstance("JKS") returns a KeyStoreException.

If I turn back to the default SecurityManager, that works. I expect the file is no longer take into account, or badly.

Could you help me once again?


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