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simple stuff in swing

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While I was gone i realised i only need this loop:

public static void Reminder(int seconds) {
while(i < 31) {
o = i;
timer.schedule(new RemindTask(), seconds*1000);
while(o == i) {}


I couldn't actually figure out how to implement Thread's sleep method
into this programme. Maybe someone could help...

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Roedy Green
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On 6 Nov 2005 12:05:37 -0800, "defcon8" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote,
quoted or indirectly quoted someone who said :

>I couldn't actually figure out how to implement Thread's sleep method
>into this programme. Maybe someone could help...

The basic technique is this. You set up your timer then return in the
main method. Or in an event handler you set up your timer and return.
The timer then does its thing all on its own. It wakes up your code
periodically which does something then exits. You don't need a
babysitting task to worry. The Timer does that.
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