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Confused about J2EE frameworks (and hotswap)
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I have been interested in J2EE development for some time now, and have
fairly recently learnt about good design patterns (like MVC), but I
have had
some problems sticking to these patterns. Then I heard about Struts,
that it is more or less based on the MVC pattern (actually, I did hear
read about Struts some years ago, but then I know nothing of MVC). But
as I
have been fairly busy lately, I haven't had the time to really get into
Struts is and how it works. But then yesterday I though to myself, "OK,
it's time to learn Struts". But when I looked around on the web, I
page after page calling Struts more or less a thing of the past, and
there now are far better frameworks around.
So now I am very confused. I get the feeling that it's stupid to learn
Struts now, and that I should focus on some other framework instead.
which one?

Also, the frame works in generall are all very confusing for me. Mostly

there's *alot* of pre-configuration, and the examples they show on
sites are often far too simple in functionallity and still fairly
complex to
create, if you ask me.

What I really would want to do is to "integrate" some good framework
with my
existing, in-development web-community, without having to re-write more
a few % hopefully. But how do I do that?

Also, I have implemented a simple hotswap-functionallity, to be able to

change or add functionallity (ie change/add/remove java classes) while
are online and surfing. This I have solved by letting all action
(for instance, Register, Login, SendMessage) get loaded by custom
classloaders (actually, a classloader from Ant). Each time I have
changed/added/removed an action class, I update a configuration file
and the
issue a load-action-classes command to the servlet, and then the
uses the classloader (a new instance each time) and loades the classes
defined in the configuration file. I think this approch works fairly
But how do I make all this work in the framework I choose? When I read
the different frameworks, they all seem so patronising. "We do most of
stuff for you. You don't have to worry your pretty little head what
goes on
behind the scenes."

Also, the community I'm working on doesn't use any EJB, and the
is implemented in a storage class with alot of SQL-code.

So, where do I start? Is it possible to make this mess-of-a-project
something beautifully structured, using some framework? And still

In the future I want to be able to have the community on several
servers for
performance. I want to use resource files to be able to change the text
the pages easily.

I use Apache 2, Tomcat 5.5 and MySQL 4.


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