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my JApplet, doesn't work in Web Browser

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I built a JApplet and saw its running in Applet Viewer.

However, when I tried to view it in Web Browsers,
it doesn't show anything. (NullPointerException)

I tested in IE 6.0 SP2 with JRE 1.5, and Firefox 1.0.7 with JRE 1.5
J2SE 1.4.2_09 with NetBeans is installed in my PC.

I also tried with JBuilder, but it was same.
(JBuilder runs my Applet correctly, but the applet doesn't work
on both of Web Browsers)

Could anyone tell me why this exception occured?

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Roedy Green
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On 28 Sep 2005 23:03:22 -0700, "Peace" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
or quoted :

>Could anyone tell me why this exception occured?

You made an error.

I tease. But you do you. How about some code?
We are not mindreaders.

Canadian Mind Products, Roedy Green. Again taking new Java programming contracts.
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Andrew Thompson
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Peace wrote:
> I built a JApplet and saw its running in Applet Viewer.


Roedy explained why your applet failed, but to take steps to
fix it, you might..
- Put the applet on the net so *we* can see it fail
- Post a (SHORT) self contained example of the code
that breaks, or better, link to it from your applet page.
- Post (/link to) the stacktrace you are getting in the
Java console of your browser.

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