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B+ Tree versus Ternary Search Tree

Ramkumar Menon
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Hi All,

Was looking out for some benchmarking for B+ Trees vis-a-vis Ternary
Search Trees.

a) For structured search

For instance, user needs to search for some entity. He does so by
giving a set of name-value pairs.

e.g. the search key would be something like propertyName1=value1 or
propertyName2=value2 or propertyName=value3 .....

The "or" can be replaced by "and" too.
The values could be wildcard characters.

b) For unstructured search

User gives only a value. The search implementation figures out the
entity based on the value specified.
For instance, user might give a customerId, or a displayName, or a
owningEntity that may or may not be unique across all entities. In that
case, all matching entities/any one of the matching entities cd be

In both these cases, which one should I choose to use ?

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Andrew Thompson
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On 16 Aug 2005 02:01:28 -0700, Ramkumar Menon wrote:

> Hi All,

Hello, hello, hello.

Please take care not to make three posts,
it will not get you three times the answers.

If there is some problem with your web interface to usenet[1],
please lodge a bug report with the manufacturer[2].

[1] <>
[2] <>

Andrew Thompson
"You live with apes, man, it's hard to be clean." Marilyn Manson 'The
Beautiful People'
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