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Stanimir Stamenkov
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The method does its job exactly
as described in the method documentation, but seems it has really no
usage that way.

I want to relativize:


The result from the URI.relativize() method is an absolute URI. It
works as expected only when the path component of the base URI is
prefix of the path of the URI to relativize, i.e. the above base needs
to be:

Doing this test I've noticed another thing which should be considered
erroneous behavior according to the algorithm to resolve relative URIs.
If the base is:

and the URI to relativize:

the result is still:


while I expect it to be:


The documentation for the URI class also describes

> Relativization, finally, is the inverse of resolution: For any two
> normalized URIs u and v,
> u.relativize(u.resolve(v)).equals(v) and
> u.resolve(u.relativize(v)).equals(v) .

While I couldn't figure exactly what's the meaning of the above tests
they both fail using:

u =
v =

and the first fails when:

u =
v =

I've made my tests using the Sun's Java 1.4 on Windows.


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Stanimir Stamenkov
Posts: n/a
/Stanimir Stamenkov/:

> I want to relativize:
> /linked_resource
> against:
> /resource

Here's a related issue at the Sun's Bug Database:

"Bug ID: 6226081 URI should be able to relativize paths with partial
roots" <>


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